Monday, April 5, 2010

Termite Swarmers

It's Spring time. I know because the Subterranean termites are swarming here in South Texas. Be on the alert for winged insects swarming in large numbers. If you see them outside that is natural, they are all around us in the trees and fences in the ground. You don't want to see them inside the house because that will normally mean they are attacking the structure. Normally you will notice mud spots on the walls usually in areas where there is plumbing or on outer walls if they are coming up the slab of the house. When they swarm inside you normally see swarm castles, these are the take off point for the swarmers. They don't know they are inside a house they just know to get to a high point and take off to try to start a new colony away from the colony that they are in. Swarmers are the mating reproductives of the termites the only job they have is to go and start new colonies to keep the species alive. Inside when they swarm they usually die in 24 hours but they let us know they are in the house and need to be stopped. Houses with pier foundations need to be inspected inside and outside and in the crawl space to find any activity. You should have your house inspected every year to try to stop them as fast as possible so they won't cause too much damage.

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